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Midrash on a Sacred Encounter

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—for the good Rabbi and my friends at Maimonides School


Midrash on a Sacred Encounter


When the little ones gathered at my feet

they couldn’t stop laughing every time

I spoke a poem, as if they were wild birds

and I scattered seed for their singing and singing,

singing back to my songs and stories, and they

fed me questions as old as psalms: How long

does it take to write a poem… what’s the longest

poem… who taught you poems… what’s

the oldest poem… what’s oldest

inside a poem…what is a poem

and what is not?


Then they laughed and clapped

and I bowed and felt blessed

and we went out into sunlight

and all went forth to heal the world.


                          Kim Stafford

                          Oregon Poet Laureate

                          November 2018

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